How do i get this girl to like me?

United States
March 7, 2009 1:02pm CST
OK so this is more of an advice thing than an actual question. There's this really cute girl that I like, let's just call her bree. Bree never seems to want to talk to me or hang out. me and her are very different at times but I still like her. anyone got any ideas of how I could get her to start liking me more or at least kind of noticing me?
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@Canellita (12058)
• United States
24 Mar 09
Has it ever occurred to you that she just is not interested? I am sure Bree has her reasons for behaving the way that she does. Perhaps if you spent less time trying to get what you want and more time trying to get to know her Bree might actually hold a conversation with you. She probably finds you pushy. Try saying hello and asking her a question, even if you already know the answer. Keep it simple like "Would you happen to know what time it is? I think my watch/phone msy have the wrong time." Say thank you and move on. If the opportunity for continued conversation arises great. If not let it go.
• Philippines
7 Mar 09
Opposites attract, right? Well, I would suggest that just be casual to her, you know, befriend her. Find out her what are things she's interested in and you could maybe start a conversation about it. Do activities that you and her like (I'm sure at least you'll find something you'll both enjoy) Do not contradict her to the point that it's annoying 'cause it would sure piss her off. But, remember not to over impress too much 'cause it might be misinterpreted. Make her laugh 'cause there's nothing like a guy who has a great sense of humor. Well, that's pretty much I could say. Just be nice and of course, you gotta make some effort if you really like her. Good luck
• India
7 Mar 09
Don't try to be with her alone. First be with her's and your friends. Talk with her while you are in group. She might ignore or walk away from you if you try to talk with her alone. But when amongst friends she won't do that. Make her laugh. Memorize some good jokes and tell her jokes on adaily basis. No dirty jokes, only clean and funny jokes. Never argue with her. Don't ever criticize her even if you are right. For that matter don't criticize any girl. After doing the above mentioned she should feel comfortable with you. Try to understand her. Now about you. If you think she does not like your looks, then you have to try hard with good jokes and funny comments. She should enjoy her time with you. If its not about looks then she might have bad impression about you. Be a gentleman, do kind things, help others etc. Try it, and it should create a good impression to her and also other girls.