What is a midlife crisis?

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March 8, 2009 3:46pm CST
Do you think a midlife crisis is when one finnaly realizes that he or she is not invincible and that death is inevitable?
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8 Mar 09
I think that could be part of it. I also think sometimes midlife crisis occur when a person becomes dissatisified, and blinded by the ego. The ego tells them they need more, don't have enough, should be better, etc. The lies of the go begin to take great hold and the person is sent into a tailspin as they try to fix all the things the ego wishes them to fix. I think that many people can avoid such things by living in the moment, and by being content with where they are in the hear and now, instead of fixiating on things they should have done, and instead of fixating on the future that doesn't even exist. Namaste-Anora
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@bamakelly (5194)
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9 Apr 09
I believe that the idea of a mid life crisis could lead to all kinds of imaginative thought from those over a certain age. I am pretty much a middle aged woman myself. After reaching the age of forty I think that I did look at life differently. I realize that I am not invincible and I look back over the years and wished I would have did something different. Like go to college or just do something more productive with my time. But there is still time for things. Being middle aged doesn't mean that life just stops.