Do you feel the pain when you excise yoga?

March 9, 2009 9:11am CST
Six monthes ago, I first time touch with yoga. At first, I cannt grasp the point of the movement, I felt my leg eapecially posterior of thigh very pain, which like the rubber cannt be contracted. I was scared with this feeling. I asked teach for this feeling aferward, she told me, when you excise yoga, you need adjust your breath to adapt every movement, sometimes need expire, sometimes need inhale. Once you do the pose which make you uncomfortable such as pain, you need relax the body to do the pose, let the muscle loosen, if that cannt relieve the pain, you should do this pose every day until the pain not exist. what do you think the words from my teach? Is she right?
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@Archie0 (4668)
9 Mar 09
yes she is absolutely right in this case. whenever you do yoga it is very important to inhale air wher it is necessary and exhale when and where needed, if we do it wrong it is very possible that we might end up cramping some of our body parts, i have never seen an y part paining , due to sometimes when i use wrong ways to do them, is very necessary which yogasanas to be done otherwise there are some yoga which are not recommended for old, heart patients and people with high bp
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