myLot: money or fun?

March 9, 2009 6:24pm CST
How long are registered in myLot? How much have you earn until now? You use this site to make money or you think it isn't worthwhile and you prefer having a good time just by discussing topics of your interest?
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@gxyywhyzy (450)
• China
10 Mar 09
i have mylort only for one week.i use this site to improve my english and make friends and share feelings about life.i think it is interesting and usefull.i can give my opinions about all the discussions that i am interested in.the discussions are life,love,job,book,trip,food and so on. if my english is well enough,i will reply all the discussions and start many new topics,not for money but for fun,for exchanging life experiences and feelings.
@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
9 Mar 09
Hi bioluna, welcome to mylot. I am here just for fun but if I can earn a little is better. I am having a good time here since the first day. The truth is neither site can make you a profit to pay the bills. I think that it is only for fun. Have a nice day and welcome.
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• Canada
9 Mar 09
Both!! I've been here about 3 years now. I haven't been very active although I know I should be. And it's not just for money I'm here. I find many good topics to reply to, and even get to find out new things all the time. It's a great place to meet people and learn new things. It shouldn't be just for money, it should be for fun too. Stick around for a while and you'll get the best of both worlds.
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• India
16 Mar 09
i just started with mylot today only. it is not just money or fun it is complete blend of money, fun and knowledge keep mylotting friends i am enjoying here a lot.
• Portugal
16 Mar 09
You started today and already have 75 discussions?! Waw!! Congrats! ;) Keep mylotting ;). Hope I had the time :(...
@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
23 Mar 09
Hey, Well I kind of do this for both. Initially I needed some money and I was saving up for something but after about the 2nd day I thought that MyLot was a really hard way to save up $10. It was really weird because my first day I almost got $1.50 and I only posted around 30 posts, the next day was about $0.45 and then the days after that slowly and steadily decreased even though I was actually posting more and more. I never really understood what was happening. Now I only earn on average $0.02 daily which is terrible. So now I learned that MyLot is probably a good place to chat and socialize. The experience is well worth it, and because they pay makes it the place to stay!