Sports, Extra-Curricular Activities and Kids

@lynnemg (4539)
United States
March 9, 2009 9:50pm CST
My kids are all pretty active and enjoy sports. I think this is great. It teaches them a lot. Not only do they learn how to play the sport, they also learn how to be a good sport, and be part of a tem. With the wins also come the losses, which I think are both important for them to experience. Currently, my boys are in wrestling. It is their first year for this sport, and it involves a lot more than I expected. For my kids, it is really important that my husband and I are there for their games, meets, whatever. I do not always go to practices, but I do go to the events. If f or some reason I can't make it, I do my best to show up for at least part of it. This is great family time for us. My hubby helps coach the boys in wrestling and it has been a great experience for all of us. I am the driver and the one who has to make sure that we are all where we have to be at the right time. I am the scheduler, the runner, the supporter, and the check writer to pay for it all. It is a lot of responsibility for me as well as my hubby and the boys, but it is really worth it to all of us. So, my question is, are your kids involved in sports or any extra-curricular activity? If they are, do you try to attend every event? What have your experiences been?
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