If you made a mistake at work, would you admit it?

United States
March 11, 2009 3:24pm CST
Nobody is perfect, we all knew this is a fact. If you made a mistake, just admit that is your fault. Even your supervisor blame it on you. You learned from your mistakes. At my work, there is a co - worker who made several mistakes, but she never admit any of them. In contrary, she blame them on somebody else. What a piece of work. Do you have anyone who doesn't even have gut to admit their wrongdoings?
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@sid556 (31005)
• United States
10 Nov 09
I am wrong way more than I wish I were. I don't like it at all but I won't lie about it and I most definitly won't blame it on someone else. If I'm wrong I just admit it, appologize and try not to repeat the mistake. We are human and what I've found is that I am more apt to make mistakes at work now after having been there a long time then when I was new on the job. You get comfortable and overly confident in what you are doing and that is when mistakes happen. We are human. It's nothing to lie about or it shouldn't be.
@lazeebee (5468)
• Malaysia
12 Mar 09
I've found that if I admit to my mistakes, people are less harsh, more forgiving. They will respect you for owning up to your errors, and correcting that mistake, making an effort not to repeat it. Unfortunately I have a colleague like this. She will push away even a little mistake to anyone available - especially those who cannot defend themselves. Even when we caught her and confronted her, she will still 'twist and turn' the story and somehow get others involved. Very despicable character!
• United States
11 Mar 09
i wish people would admit their mistakes whether it be at work, or anywhere else. it would make everything so much freakin easier. me on the other hand, i will admit my mistakes, especially at work. if you did something, own up to it, don't lie about it. eventually someone will find out it was you, and you'll be in trouble for lying about it, or people will look at you different, if they know you did it, and blamed it on someone else. so then the next time you try to tell the truth, no one is gonna believe you. i've made plenty of mistakes at work, and every one of them, i own up to. i am also a supervisor, so, it definately would not be a good idea for me to lie about something that i did. you admit it, and learn from it. what is so hard about that?