United States
March 11, 2009 4:50pm CST
I Hve being constipated for almost a week now and i dont know what to take or drink..i just came out of a surgery and ever since i am unable to have any type of bowel movement.what do you recommand
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@jedopi (401)
• Canada
2 Jul 09
I am surprised that your doctor did not recommend something like a stool softener for you after surgery. You need to drink PLENTY of water, and eat fiber rich foods, but nothing too gassy, like broccoli or cabbage or you will feel even more uncomfortable. Try fruits and veggies, and whole grains. Don't have cheese or bananas or too much white starchy foods like rice, potatoes, or pasta. Meat can also make you constipated, so try to lessen the amount or do without it at all. It takes time for your body to get back to a normal "schedule" after surgery. If you want to hurry up the process without taking a laxative or a suppository (they work but can be hard on your system, especially after surgery), just buy an over-the counter stool softener like Benefiber or Metamucil. I hope you feel better as I know what it's like.
• United States
3 Jul 09
thanks jedopi. u seem very knowlegeable..i did thst at the end and it helped a lot.it is so sad that after surgerieres sometimes the doctors dont tell you right away what to do.u have to find informations on ur own.
@marguicha (104236)
• Chile
25 Apr 09
If you had surgery, I´m sure you have your doctor nearby. Ask him to give you the appropiate laxative. I eat corn on the cob and it helps, but when you have surgery you can´t do just anything.
• India
18 Mar 09
hi there i have a best solution for your problem, go for natural therapy i.e have a cup of tamarind juice mix with a pepper at night time, in the morning you will be find result happy mylot
@jazzsue58 (2672)
11 Mar 09
It's a response to the anaesthetic - it makes the smooth muscle of the bowel 'sluggish.' Take something like 'Movicol' which is a gentle laxative drink. Drink plenty of water, as it gets the colon working again (most water is reabsorbed from here)Then energise - if you can, get up and start moving. Nothing too strenuous, just walking will be enough. Moving your muscles plus the effect of gravity helps get things moving downwards. When one muscle gets moving, they all do. Trust me on this!
• United States
11 Mar 09
First I would call my doctor, then I would load up on prunes, and lots of fiber. If you can get ahold of raw peanuts that might do the trick also (they taste great but get enough of them and you will wish you could leave the bathroom).