Give or Take

the rose - share
March 11, 2009 5:11pm CST
Just come to think of it- are u a giver or a taker? Most often than not, we tend to ask or to a point demand from our friends and chat buddies - we required them to answer us immediately, satisfy our standards with their answers. Normally at a start, before we reply back, we scrutiize the profile whether it suits our taste or maybe we can get anything out of it. Normally, we ask other people to offer us services, fun and make us happy. On the hand, some people tend to just go with the flow. They just accept what ever is asked, they just easily give expecting it will be reciprocated with the same attention and affection - to surprise, left hang on the air. Are we giving because we expect something in return or are we just settle on taking advantage of weak people. Do we give because we are paid to do it, we are forced to give or we give because it's a good feeling to see people that u made happy because of what u've done. Do we take because we dont have our own, do we accept because we're loved or because we just need attention. what makes u happy? By giving or by accepting?
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@cripfemme (7714)
• United States
12 Mar 09
I think that no matter what anyone tells you. Everyone must do both at some point. No one is 100% taker 0% giver and the opposite is true as well. At least not for normal people, unless you're talking about nuns vs dictators. Even those people must reverse the roles sometimes.