Who has been to Hongkong?

March 12, 2009 12:24am CST
My collegues has been to hongkong for many times? she like to go shopping there.everytime she must go to Disdeyland to play.i admire her very much.My lotters,have you been to Hongkong?how do you think about this city, is it really so attractive?
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@j47lee (742)
• Canada
12 Mar 09
Yup ive been to Hongkong twice... and it was a good experience.... lots of shopping.. if you like shopping.... if you go to Ladies market.... you get stuffs soo cheap... Ocean park is not bad too.. and of course there is disney land.. but i didnt get to go there..... the buildings there are amazing... good place to visit...
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• China
12 Mar 09
yes, i really want to go shopping, but i was told that it's very expensive there.i will go to ladies market to have a look ,maybe i will find something good there.thanks a lot.my friend
• Hong Kong
12 Mar 09
Hi, jiuandrea, I live in Hong Kong, and I would say it is quite attractive. It is a city mixed with eastern and western culture, it has both modern side and traditional side. If you like shopping, it is relatively cheap, i mean low price, here, compared with other metropolises. Come and visit Hong Kong, I think you will love it. Happy myLotting !!
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• China
12 Mar 09
thank you very much, i believe i have decided to go there after your simple introduction.
@hcvvmk (175)
• Malaysia
12 Apr 10
I have been to Hong Kong once and I admit that I really love Hong Kong. Besides I still have my uncle who is staying there. Yup he's a Hong Kong citizen. MY nephew has just became a cop there. But what i really like about HK is the transportation system and shopping. The only time I really did my shopping spree was during my Hong Kong trip. I became really obsessed with every fashions there. I'm planning to return there again at the end of the year for New Year Countdown.
• Philippines
29 Apr 09
Hi to you! I've never been to Hongkong but I love to go there. I like to travel the city. And mostly bring my son to Hongkong Disneyland. I really wanted to be there before I got old.