new at blogspot any suggestions?

@enciel (371)
March 13, 2009 9:54am CST
I recently started a blog but i am not sure if i am doing it right? Here's my blog:, i added my adsense ads there as well. Is the content alright and is it okay if i put some personal thoughts in it or should i just stick to one single topic all through out or is my blogspot name odd?
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13 Mar 09
Looks good to me! Nearly all blog names are weird, don't worry. Someone on a blogging website (Bloggercises, to be precise) said that one should never, ever talk about oneself on a blog. I disagree. Especially with your subjects including gaming, a lot of what you post will be opinion and in-game stuff (at a guess), which works well with a personal touch. I've posted one or two 'general thoughts' posts on my main blog before and it's never been a problem. As long as the majority is on-subject, visitors know what to expect. The personal stuff makes it more individual, in my opinion. Try to stay on-subject for the first couple of weeks, though, to let people get to know you before you tell them about something personal. As for the blog itself, you do have a lot of different subjects, but they're all related. You should be fine. Those 'small niche' blogs are for people who are really passionate about one particular thing and want fame, fortune and so on from being the 'reference' site for information. Who knows, you might end up like that, but a more general start sounds reasonable to me!! One thing: add a categories list on the left there. Define your categories (keep it to a few or it gets silly) and it'll make navigation a bit easier. Good luck!