At what age did you become independent and was it good?

United Kingdom
March 13, 2009 11:28pm CST
Do our parents/family/guardians know what's best for us? Many times they try and persuade us to get solid careers...we co-operate - perhaps; everyone is different- for a time, going to college even university, perhaps even trying out our parents' career choice: if we haven't a better option that is. But there comes a point when we no longer want to do what they want for us. This is a crucial time I think. Because if we continue to do as they wish for us, it could be best for us. But there is something crying within: we want to be free; we want to be our own person, to have dignity, to take risks, to be individual, to do what we want. Is this good? I mean: this breaking free: it can backfire. Oh sure we'll be free, wild as the wind and all that: but with reduced career potential too. I mean perhaps. At what age did you say: no more doing what others want! Was it a good choice? Do you ever regret it? And most importantly: why do young people feel this overpowering desire to come out from the controlling hand of family decisions? I mean..when it can go so wrong...we all know the stories: the musicians who hate the idea of the safety net; who yet never go on to real but a fruit tree...
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• Australia
14 Mar 09
Well when I turned the age 12 I became independent as I could do many things without my parents help and could be trustworthy with many things. When turning 18, I felt free. Because that is a legal age in Australia where you become an adult and you can do many things that you couldn't do before. It's not that you were trapped or anything, but when you turn 18, you just feel more free as your an adult and can make your own choices.
• United Kingdom
20 Mar 09
Well I hope your choices were ones that made you happy.