COME&TALk~~How Come...?

March 14, 2009 1:16am CST
Many of you must come across such situation:in dreams, maybe nightmares, you met some devil or a ghost,holding you or some other horrible scene. Then, all of sudden, you feel you have been awaken. But, the question is neither can you move nor can speak or scream. Your arms, hands, even toes and fingers seem all under somone's control; voice also hold back. ... Then, after a struggle for seconds or minutes, you wake up, again, and for this time, it's a real, eyes open, and body moved as you wish... Ok, we might meet this once in a while. Answers differ from person to person: yes, there's a ghost holding you, by chance or for some reason; no, it's just a normal phenomenon physically. and a special medical word for this which slipped away from my mind. Anyway, it's a torture to be trapped in those moments; and so good to find ourselves "really" awaken in bed~~~~~~~!!!
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• United States
14 Mar 09
These are the dreams I suspect have the most value to us. If we can figure out what it was that petrified us, bot physically and emotionally, we can work on a problem we must face. The most intense of our dreams hold the greatest lessons, I think, but they're far from easy to figure out. Welcome to myLot, and welcome to your ideas!
• China
15 Mar 09
thanks a lot for your sharing. And I think there must be some sense in your comments, which worth my second thought. My friend, good luck~~ contact me~~
@srganesh (6350)
• India
14 Mar 09
Yes!It happens.The mind can build any dreams to some extent based on our own knowledge and experience but it can't finish it well.So,we get awakened in bed.By that time the body is not awakened simultaneously and so the trouble.Sometimes we roll down to ground from the bed,dreaming of falling from heights.There,the body wakes up because it hits the floor.But in nightmares,the environment in the dream is new and the body can't cope up with it.Cheers!