Everybody lies is it True?

March 14, 2009 3:58pm CST
I really think it is true cause all the people i have met in my life have lied to me and almost every person in this world lies what do you guys think? can there be a person who never lies except Mahatma Gandhi:p
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@OConnell87 (1046)
14 Mar 09
its in our nature to lie, we can't help it. But sometimes lies are neccessary to keep every body happy like 'white lies' as long as they don't get out of hand, and what about telling kids and santa for e.g. that is lying no matter how you look at it. I think people who hurt you with lies cannot control the lies they tell and they get out of hand. I have never heard of Mahatma Gandhi but even he must of lied when he was a kid lol
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@katsalot1 (1619)
14 Mar 09
I'm not sure that it is in our nature to lie. I can remember when I started school that I saw the other children saying 'it wasn't me' or 'I didn't do it' and I couldn't work it out. I had to learn to lie, and was hopeless at it, so stopped!
@katsalot1 (1619)
14 Mar 09
I actually find it extremely difficult to lie - and that's the truth. I've had to lie from time to time, mainly for other people, and I really don't like doing it. When I do lie, I'm sure it's very obvious, and that is probably one reason that I don't do it (scared that the person I'm lying to would see right through me)! Also it would worry me to lie because I wouldn't remember what I'd said. If it is the truth then remembering it is easy.
@abanerji (1026)
• India
14 Mar 09
anyone who says he does not lie is the biggest liar. everyone uses this deffencive mechanism to escape from some sort of punishment. well, if we lie and that lie does not hurt someone or does not put some one in trouble then it is acceptable but if a lie puts someone in trouble then the liar must be punished for his deeds. such a lie is a sin.
@callyw (191)
14 Mar 09
I think everyone lies, whether they are big fat whooping lies or tiny little white lies. Personally, I find it hard to get through the day without telling (small) lies. What do you say when the truth would offend someone or when someone asks how you are ("fine")? I'm not saying lying is right, but most of the time it is easier.
@thezone (9451)
• Ireland
14 Mar 09
Everyone lies at some point or another in their life. Sometimes it can be a simple lie just to spare someone’s' feelings. If someone says that they have never lied, then they are a liar. Although telling a lie is not good, sometimes it is necessary to do so.