Should I consider cosmetology? Career change question and some background...

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March 14, 2009 11:24pm CST
Hello. I am a married wife and mom, one daughter turning 5 and starting kindergarten in august. I am also due with my second (and last) child who is due in august. I have been soul searching and trying to find a career to go to school for when this new baby will be 18 months to 2 years old. I have tried community college shooting for an eventual AA and transfer to Sac state for a BA eventually but that just didn't work for me and was taking too long without results job wise. In the mean time I am working as an in home care provider for the elderly and disabled through a county agency. My only client currently is my grandmother and she brought up the fact that she wont be around forever and that I should find something to study and get a certificate for when she passes so I can still have a job. Growing up I wasn't very girly, I am the perpetual tom-boy though I am very feminine at heart. I wasn't taught how to do my hair fancy like some people and rarely blow dry or curl my hair. Its either brushed down or up in a clip or pony. I am very intrigued by cosmetology and manicuring. I can see myself working in that career and being happy. I am thinking of going to beauty school eventually. Here is my real question, can one be successful in the cosmetology/hair dresser field just from the training and experience you get in cosmetology school if you dont really know how to do hair before you go? I am worried that since I never learned growing up that just the teaching and experience might not be enough, that you might have to have real talent for it before the school. I hope the question makes sense...all replies welcome. Thanks in advance for responding.
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16 Mar 09
Well, if you are up to it, and can stomach it, mortuary science is pretty much recession-proof. People die every day. I am currently a nursing student, but I am concidering also continuing my education to include a degree in mortuary science, and I can piggyback my two careers.
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15 Mar 09
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@maezee (32574)
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15 Mar 09
Why not? I have a few friends who are pursuing a cosmetology certification at beauty schools, and they have seriously improved their skills. I don't think you need to walk into the school with talent, although I'm sure it gives those who have it an unfair advantage over those who don't. I don't see why you should worry about it; it's a school, after all, and the whole purpose is to LEARN something new (meaning you didn't know it before). Does that make sense? The only issue with cosmetology school (at least the ones in my area) is that it's VERY expensive, and when you do seem to get a job in it, it doesn't pay very much. But I suppose if you enjoy doing it, that should be all that matters. . I say, why not? I'm sure it would be a great change from what you're doing now, and who knows? Maybe you'll have a chance to bring out that inner girly-girl you were talking about!