Is it safe?

@mayrose (323)
March 15, 2009 5:35am CST
Aside from the pain that you might go through, is it also safe? Tattooing or tattoo is really painful just looking at it, I think it will took a lot of courage to undergo such thing. Those needles are no joke, I'm also bothered about those open wounds right after the bloody art work. That's why I want to know if it is safe right after the process?
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@ponganne (19)
• Australia
23 Mar 09
Getting a tattoo can be safe, so long as you properly do your research first. Make sure that you go to a reputable tattoo parlor and all the instruments they use are properly sterilized. The tattoo artists should wear surgical gloves and replace them regularly during the session. After getting the tattoo, make sure to clean it properly and moisturize it regularly for a week. It will get very itchy but under no circumstance must you scratch it. Otherwise, it will get infected and the tattoo might not look as good as you imagined it will be. Keep in mind also that there are some people who are allergic to the ink that they use, so be careful.
@Jezebella (1446)
• United States
10 Apr 09
I agree getting a tat is safe as long as you do the research and then take care of it. When I got mine I looked around for parlors and the one I go to is wonderful, very professional. They change the needles during the session which I liked and he explained things to me as he was setting everything up. I really respected them for that.
@Jezebella (1446)
• United States
20 Mar 09
Tattoos are safe. The needles are not used again and again. The artist is supposed to use a new needle for each person, as well as for different colors like I have a colored tattoo, and they used one needle for the black and one for the color. I have three and look to get more at some point, and I trust the guys I go to.
@Galena (9123)
15 Mar 09
if you research your chosen artist well, and look after the tattoo properly when it's done, a tattoo is safe. the artist must be regulated and registered, and use new needles on every customer, disposing of them after use, and maintaining proper cross infection control throughout the procedure. yes, a finished tattoo is an open wound, rather like a burn, and needs to be kept meticulously clean and have antibacterial cream used regularly to prevent infection. a hygienically done and properly cared for tattoo is safe.
@gracie04 (4555)
• Philippines
15 Mar 09
It seems like a lot of people are getting a tattoo these days but i don't think it's safe.. but if you are really thinking of getting one then you should keep in mind that you need to get it done safely.. You'll get a wound for sure and your tattoo is at threat for ILLNESS and INFECTIONS. Make sure you have your vaccinations such as tetanus and hepatitis injections before the procedure.. If you have pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, allergies, skin disorders and if you're pregnant then you should consult first with your doctor about it.. Take into consideration the place where are you're going to have the tattoo.. The tattoo studio should have clean surroundings and they use disposable equipments such as(needles, gloves, etc) and yes, they should be uncontaminated/sterilized.. Just be careful..