Cocacolar&Pepsi Which Do you prefer? or Do you like?

March 15, 2009 7:30am CST
Coke, many people, my boyfriend included, like so much. When it's hot he has one tin of Pepsi at least per day. And more after he played basketball. Usually, he chose a pepsi rather than a Coca. when I ask why he doesn't buy Coca. He couldn't give an answer... Maybe for habbits?? ...He can't tell the difference either. for myself, I don't like coke much. I turn to lemon, coffee or some other which arent too sweety. And someting else, it's not good for your health to drink coke according to some medical reports. So I hope those coke-guys can try other drinks for your health. Here's Iced fruit juice I recomment, such as lemon, apple, pineapple and strawberry etc..
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• India
15 Mar 09
I dont drink both pepsi or cola.I always prefer to drink natural drinks like Tender coconut water and natural lemon water.I think it is not safe to drink artificial drinks and such drinks contains lot of dangerous chemical,which is very harmful to our body.Soft drink companies never reveal the ingredients in such drinks,which means that they were hiding some thing.
• China
15 Mar 09
Hi~friend. You must be a smart guy. and I like your answer~~ Thanks for sharing your idea!!
@feepah (79)
• China
4 Apr 09
cola is consistantly popullar for so many years since the world war II,and there is nothing to happen which reportedly give people's body a severe harm,it's just unreasonable mind-threatening thoughts,it can be drunk some,doesn't matter at all