Are all men horrible?

March 15, 2009 2:32pm CST
Even the men in my life who are my good friends seem to be going through a phase of being complete and utter buggers. I'm completely frustrated. Even the good ones seem to put their efforts towards things or people that are utterly pointless. How are we suppose to function around people like this? I suppose women are just as bad, but honestly!!
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@dodo19 (34708)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
15 Mar 09
There's always going to be people, who are annoying us, that we don't like, or something like that. Don't get me wrong, I do understand what you're saying. But I'm just saying that it happens to everyone that we feel this way, and I don't think that all men are horrible, just like I don't think that all women are horrible.
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15 Mar 09
You're absolutely right. Sometimes it just all gets on top of you, though! That was a bit of a half-hearted statement...if they were really THAT horrible, I wouldn't care so much about the negativity coming from them in my life at the moment.
@owlwings (40126)
• Cambridge, England
15 Mar 09
I know just how you feel. I have experienced times when I have felt that nearly everybody around me is being childish, shallow and sometimes downright b*stards. As a man, I suppose I tend to understand a man's motivation better than I do a woman's - but that doesn't mean that I necessarily agree with it or endorse it. I have found that, when I do feel like this, it is usually because I am aware (at that moment) of some 'higher' ideal that I am automatically judging them against. Having been through this a number of times, I have come to the conclusion that it can't be other people that have changed but me. People aren't very consistent, it's true, but I do know that when I suddenly find myself thinking a dozen times a day that others are being petty, it is probably more to do with something in me than to do with them. Have you ever noticed how, when you are in a really good mood, others tend to respond to it and you get smiles and kind words from the most unexpected people. The reverse is often true, too. If you are glum and don't react positively to people, you tend to get less positive reactions back. We often forget, first, that we always see the world through the colour of the spectacles we are wearing and, second, that other people react to us differently depending on whether they see black clouds or sunshine in our eyes.
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• India
24 Mar 09
Well, yeah! In my present situation, i feel the same way...but i can still exclude 2 or 3 from that list! Well i can say they can make better frendz than women, but they make horrible husband and Boyfrendz....and they can be like the soft and romantic soul, as well as a absolute jerk. I do feel men are horrible...but not all the times!
• United States
22 Mar 09
My brother, I feel happy and mournful at the same time for the woman who gets him. But He is one of the best men I have met yet. there are other good ones I have met, I know there are good men in this world, it just takes quite a bit of searching to find them. And is even harder to find one that really likes you.