Any experience with

United States
March 17, 2009 10:41am CST
a data entry site called Key for Cash? I found it on what I think is a fairly reputable site with links to lots of work-at-home sites. The site gives very little information as to the amount you can make, how payments are made. The only thing it says for sure is that you can only sign up and get paid if you live in the continental US. Is anyone a member? Do you like it? What can you tell me about it? Thanks
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@suzzy3 (8357)
18 Mar 09
Never heard of it but take care I would want more details before I signed up smells like a scam to me,unless someone can put me right.
@suzzy3 (8357)
7 Apr 09
Thanks for my BR.xx
• India
17 Mar 09
though I am not a member of this site as I live in India but I have found such sites scams when they hold up in giving the information that is so vital as stated by you .If these sires are free then your effort is wasted when you reach the threshold limit as they never pay If you become a member by paying them then they lead you to a directory of some 10,000 sites and leave you to fend for your self in finding the work so classically promised on their parent site So it is better to be away from them and no funds whatsoever should be committed I have personally lost some more than @150 on such sites in greed of getting dataentry job which for me was a myth So prudent action would be ,if you are from American continent to physically verify the site geographically and full details of the owners should be actually and personally known to commit any funds Funds should not be committed ,in my opinion in any way in the lure of fake money So it is better to be away from such sites and if data entry work is to be found it should be done through direct contact with the concerned company giving out data entry work or the like job all the best
@mswengel (95)
• United States
17 Mar 09
I only need to know one thing: Is there a start up fee involved? If there is, it sounds like a scam. Such sites rarely talk about payments or such details.