Would you Fight for your LOVE ONE???STAR-CROSSED LOVERS..

March 19, 2009 3:29am CST
I have a friend who seemed to be STAR-CROOSED LOVERS with his almost 8 or 9 years already girlfriend. You see, his parents most especially his father greatly disapproved their relationship. I think it is because of her gf's family background. Fof those past 8/9 years of there relationship they are fighting frequently and not a single time (if i can acompany them) they didn't fight. All the time i observed they fight even for just a simple situations. I don't know why they are still on until now and my friend is still fighting for his girl to his parents. Is LOVE really blind or are the LOVERs are the ones who are BLINDED by the idea of what they think is REAL LOVE. IF you are in that situation are you still gonna fight for your LOVE (if it love after all)??
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@karbuks (270)
• Philippines
21 Mar 09
no matter how bad or wrong the person is, there are really people who stick to their partner even though they have a very complicated situation. Maybe, in their mind and heart, their relationship is worth fighting for. There are times that no matter how close or how far you are to that person, if its really meant for you, then it will be given to you. Ever wonder why some people, even though how big the heartaches they make in your life, when they say " I love you " you will always answer it back. I think its what they call magic.