Who we are and where are we from?

March 19, 2009 8:11am CST
As a former spy, I finally discovered that we are not what we believe we are. Our very distant Ancestors came on this planet 2 billion years ago from other Solar systems in order to create and develop a great and powerful civilization. They settled here and lived in peace and harmony some time but they found themselves suddenly involved in a terrific nuclear war. The nuclear and chemical radiations have greatly affected the brains, health and lifespan of survivors in such devastating way that they believed afterwards in what their hot fantasy told them it was true. It's my personal theory that some Egyptian and Hindu Gods were humans who protected their faces with masks against radiations. They were the lucky survivors. And the unfortunate ones, badly affected by nuclear radiations, looked at them in awe, considering them as Gods with human bodies and animal heads because of the masks. Thus the first religions appeared on Earth. From a deadly misunderstanding.
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@exkrima (292)
• Philippines
21 Mar 09
Wow! your topic really interests me. like i always ask myself, where do we came from, does God really exists, like is there really a good/bad? is there a heaven or hell.. many questions pop up to my mind..its only my opinion though, you dont have to get mad on me, like I only believe if i really see it..
@Archie0 (4668)
20 Mar 09
May be what you say is true, but somethings were happend ages back. and yes there wer wars.the stories are written, and similarly as you wrote was right, but somethings did happen..lives on earth was formed not from people from other solar system but due to birth of microorganisms on earth for the first time which had terrible changes on earth and made humans out of it. Bible has different story, saying Man was made by mud, creation of god, and woman was made from mans Ribs..so that she stays attched to him and be in his fists..bhagvat gita too says it differently..about war.
@LittleMel (14055)
• Canada
20 Mar 09
well lots of theory and belief about where we come from and who we are someday we will find out the truth I do believe in God and I have no problem with theories saying that we are descendants of some aliens or even apes if God created human and animals, why can't he create aliens there is missing link along the way so I decided to open my mind for possibilities
@23uday (2998)
• India
20 Mar 09
Hi friend, I think every one knows were we had came from,we had very long back years our ancestors were lived here before that In hindu mythology they says that the HINDU gods created a different planets and stars.When god created two one man and one women.After so many years in earth dinasour family were lived for millions of years, fossil fuels and powerful nuclear reactors were their in the earth. After that millions later the early man stage came slowly man generation came in to the earth planet and now human life in earth.The humans discovering different technologies and inventions. Have a nice day.
@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
20 Mar 09
Hi ileanastan, Welcome to myLot and that's an interesting theory of how life got started on this planet. Who knows, you might be closer than you think. Blessings.
@jolope (988)
• Philippines
19 Mar 09
you know ive always wanted to know who my ancestors are.. i mean, i feel like we have a small family.. i dont know who my relatives are on my grandfather's side and sometimes im kind of envious when i hear about reunions.. i dont get to attend those kind of stuff..