Guess Closing Price

Greenwood, Mississippi
March 19, 2009 8:22am CST
I recently found a stock market prediction game that has just a few players called Guess Closing Price that I thought some myLotters might be interested in. Essentially, what you do there is predict what the closing price for ten stocks will be (you don't have to make predictions for all 10 if you don't want to). You receive points based on how close your predicted price was to the actual closing price. At the end of the month, the top three players get Walmart gift cards ranging from $100 to $25 in value. There are also random drawings for cards so you can still win even if you're not a good predictor. Although I'd much prefer to receive cash rather than gift cards, I don't mind getting a little help with my monthly consumer I'm interested in the stock market so the game is fun for me. I'm not sure if there are country restrictions for the game, but I'd guess only people who can shop at Walmart would want to play though I suppose you might be able to sell the cards to someone who is able to use them. As far as I know, the game doesn't have a referral program so you can only earn what you win by playing. The URL is -- have fun!
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@Archie0 (4669)
19 Mar 09
Wow i am a management student but i would like to know i this will help me, because i am from india.please let me know this
• Greenwood, Mississippi
19 Mar 09
Actually, I'm not sure if this site will be of any help to you. Can you do anything with Walmart gift cards? That is how the site pays so if you can't use them/sell them then you can't really earn from Guess Closing Price. I haven't noticed that the site forbids any particular country, but it does seemed geared more towards Americans.