How Do You Get That Greasy Smell Out Of The House, After Cooking With Grease?

March 19, 2009 10:10am CST
My husband made homemade onion rings for lunch, and sloppy joes for dinner. By the time we were done dinner, the apartment started to smell awful with grease....I mean IT STUNK!!! First he sprayed some nasty air stuff around that didn't work (I had bought it when the toilet barfed all over the place and it smelled like you-know-what in here, and it didn't work why would it work NOW?) then I lit a scented candle, and blew it out when we went to sleep. In the morning it was still stinking in here, so we re-lit the candle. We live in the basement with not a lot of ventilation, and it's still a bit too cold to open windows... anyone have any ideas how to de-stink a 500 Square Foot Apartment?