Destined to be chubby forever?

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March 20, 2009 7:46am CST
At what point does it finally settle in that it is time to do the work and begin the battle to lose those unwanted pounds? Speaking as an overweight adult...who was a chubby child and overweight teenager...I get completely frustrated with myself when it comes to finding motivation to do what I have to to lose weight and get healthy. I consider myself a fairly intelligent woman and it is not rocket science to know what it is that needs to be done to drop the weight - eat less, exercise it...This frustration comes from within - the desire I have to be thin, the anger I have at not being able to do the things necessary to get there, and the frustration of not understanding why...? How can you want something so badly but not be able to do everything necessary to achieve it? I don't get it...why don't I have the motivation? I have battled my weight forever - I can't remember a time that I didn't think about my weight, what I was going to eat, what clothes I was going to wear to hide the body parts that I don't like...For goodness sakes - I can't remember the last time my body has seen a pair of shorts! So, am I destined to be chubby forever? I don't believe that - I refuse to believe that - I just keep hoping that the time will come when it will 'click' in my mind and I will wake up one morning with the road blocks opened and know that it is time to get to work...
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@palonghorn (5485)
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20 Mar 09
Yes, you know all the steps it takes to get there. But, until you make up your mind that this is for you, not for anyone or anything else, it won't happen. I was chubby in my pre-teen years, then was a good weight during my teens and 20's. After I had my second child I gained weight, and it didn't appear all at once but over years, until I stepped on the scales and it read 290something, I'm 5'3". I knew it wasn't healthy even though I was in perfect health. And I tried, half-heartedly to 'get into those shorts by summer', to wear those jeans by fall', but never did. Until, I decided to do it for ME, I told myself I wasn't going to step on the scales until I could look in the mirror and see a big difference. I cut out cokes, candy, cakes, etc., ate a lot less fried food (hard to do in the south lol). And within a year, I had lost the weight of another person, 150 lbs. That was 5 years ago, and it's still off, and I still don't eat candy bars, and I drink more coffee, water and juice than colas. And I feel great, I went from a size 22 jeans to a size 10! You can do it, it just has to be the right time and for yourself. And don't expect it to happen overnight.
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