what will you do if your parents won't let you out of the house?

@jane9147 (252)
March 20, 2009 8:40am CST
it's good that the parents i know are good parents. they don't do that to their children. there's so much to learn outside, it's not good a good feeling. it makes one feel caged, without freedom.. so what will you guys do if it happened to you or your friend?
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@LCHBheart (167)
• Singapore
20 Mar 09
I wish I had that problem. My parents are always trying to get me OUT of the house, the usual thing for them to say is "GO GET A JOB!". They call me a slacker that always stays at home and watch TV (the only time I ever go out is to get food - seriously). Maybe after a certain age, anybody still staying at home is considered a waste of electricity. Hahaha....
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
20 Mar 09
Hi, jane9147! Welcome to myLot! My grandmother had kept me in the house like this many of years ago. Now, I am all grown up and married. When I was a teenager she did not want me to hardly go anywhere. She had strict rules on me. My aunt used to tell her when I should have a curfew and what days my boyfriends could come over to the house. If I wanted to go out with my friends that were females, she would have a problem with it. My friends all got to the point that they did not want to come over to my grandmother's house to visit. They were scared of her. So, I would just be lonely during the summers. I did not went out to enjoy myself like other teenagers did. I used to stay at the trailer when it was very hot. I wanted to go to the skating rink, but I could not go alone. My grandmother did not trust me. She told me so. Those words hurt, deeply. I ran away from home about 3 times until I finally got on my own.. I felt caged, and I had no freedom. She acted like she was afraid to see me go out alone.. It took her a long time to break out of this. I hated my teenage life. I had so much of stress that I could not get off of me. If she did not let me out of the house, I will just run away so that I can get my freedom. I only get to live young once, and no one is going to take that opportunity away from me! I am 30 now, and I hated my life when I was young! It was boring!
@sunita64 (6473)
• India
20 Mar 09
Well first I will talk to them and convince them that there are so much opportunity outside and so many children whose parents are supportive are doing very well in the world.If they get brainwashed then it is the luck of my friend.Somehow I feel I do have convincing power and usually able to influence friends parents, so I will try my best to convince them.
• United States
20 Mar 09
I have to say something about this. Me and my parents got into about two months ago. I am 23 years old and should be allowed out when i want as i feel. My parents say im not allowed out of the house past 10 and if im out i cant come home past 10. I feel its a little early, but i do have to respect my parents because i do still live at their house. My dad works seven days a week and he gets up at 4 to head to work so they thought that 10 was a good time i guess.