Do you love your Mother ? Do you have plans to do special for your Mother ?

March 22, 2009 3:42am CST
My Mother means a lot to me. since from the chil hood i saw her strugling with her diseases . she was every thing for our familly. My three sisters and me has got a lot of support from her. though she was very sick in our child hood, she took a very special care to us., now she is old aged and cannot do a lot of things but she always wants to take care of us. she is still cook for us. my father cannt eat without my mothers cooking food. in the future I HAVE A plan for her to make a new house for her where she will get every thing that she always wanted in her life . do you love your mother ? do you have any special plans for her ?
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• Philippines
22 Mar 09
I love my mother so much. She is my bestfriend. I tell everything to her. She is my fathers bestfriend. They ate together, laugh together and cook together. My plan is to bring her and my father to Canada and bought her new watch and shoes.
@babyorchid (1739)
• China
22 Mar 09
i love my mum. she is the most repect person in my life. though she is very strict with me in my study in my personaliy, in my everything. but i know she just wanna be a perfect girl who knows her resposiblity, who knows how to love others, who knows how to share. she really taught me a lot ..... i wanna try my best to offer her best life...
@zandi458 (27953)
• Malaysia
22 Mar 09
Oh yes, my mother is my world. She is the most important person in my life. My mum is a very generous woman and could never find a mother like my mother. She is blessed with 10 children and love everyone of her children. She never stops caring and loving all her children. She has a big heart and a very spiritual lady. For her strong belief in her faith she has donated a big piece of land to the church. I am proud of the lady I call MOTHER. All I can do is to care for her when she is old and frail.
@sugarfloss (2140)
• Malaysia
22 Mar 09
hey ivan2000bd!Yes I do!I love my Mother to bits!I have plans everyday for Mom but she's always busy. Anywayyy,although she's busy,she makes sure her children are A-okay.