most memorable moment-What came to your mind??

March 22, 2009 6:03am CST
I really like knowing people....share alife experience with me...with us..What was the first moment that came to your mind after reading the maybe a sad, happy or even embarassing one....feel free to share..
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• United States
7 May 09
The moment that came to mind was the time I was in the orchetra and we were in competition in New Yoprk.It was the best we had ever played. Half way through , all I could think was, if we keep this up, we will get the gold . And we did.
@sanuanu (11238)
• India
24 Mar 09
It is an embarrassing moment man. It has happened when I was around 10 years old. There was a word which my mum used to say when she used watch a religious TV serial. That was meant like "A person who is responsible for fire". I used that term in front of my uncle. He asked me where did I learn this word. I said, "My mum used to say this word". She was so embarrassed by my act. Later I came to know from my mother that I wasn't supposed to say that to my uncle!
@ava152007 (645)
• India
23 Mar 09
I think my most memorable moment is my marraige. Its really very happy moment for me and I still feel happy whenever I remember that wonderful day.
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
22 Mar 09
becoming a grandfather was my last one, but it turn into being sad because my son wont call me grandpa to his two sons, i am just a person who loves them not grandpa who love them
@ancy114 (102)
• India
22 Mar 09
most memorable moment is ..this hapened wen i was doin ma 12th grade i was the school pupil leader during our cuklturals its ma privilage to greet the chief guest...wen was sitting inside n listening to ma english teacher .... one from ma principle cabin came toma class n informed tat ma principle wants to meet me in his cabin ...i wen wid loads of questios in ma mind...wen i enetred his cabin ma priciple tod me tat u knw this time v'have invited ROBIN SINGH for our college culturals so u gonna greet him on behalf of our coll...i was really thrilled and bit nervous..then theday came i wen to his home ..i gave a glance n found robin singh seated on a couch ...i wen towards him ...and greated him wid a beautifull flower bouquet ....stating "i welcome u sir in behalf of ma school ...he smiled at me and said thank u :)....oh ma god!!!1 tat was really one of the most memorable moment in ma life:)