I' sick of hearing about Tasks!

United States
March 22, 2009 9:24pm CST
Ever since mylot started the tasks to make more money, I keep hearing nothing but complaints! I have not looked into tasks because I hear some complaining! Like there are never any. Members wait and wait and still never get tasks to do! I hear people have done tasks and have trouble sending them in! What gets me the most is hearing on member made $10.00 in less then 2 weeks since jioning Mylot! Yhey said then it mostly by doing tasks! Now that sounds alttle unfair to others who want to do tasks and can't! This needs some work to make it better!
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• United States
23 Mar 09
Hmm, so you come on and create a thread about tasks? That's great. I made 6 dollars in one day by completely two task and yes, I feel my money was well earned. It's not my fault if people cannot spell or get rejected. Anyone can do a task, when they're available, and when they are on something they know about. There were tasks during the first two days I knew nothing about so I didn't take the time to write on them. I took the time to set aside some time to answer two I was interested in and I submitted them. I've not checked today to see if there were tasks posted, but I've two graduate assignments due that are far more important to me then doing another task tonight or tomorrow. I'll spend my two week break working on them if they are avaiable and if they are something I know something about. Otherwise, I'm happy to state my two cents on various threads of interest and be happy with my life. The thing we need to remember is not everyone knows everything about the hundreds of interests on Mylot. We're all different, we all have different backgrounds, and we all have different strengths. My best advise to those having issues with spelling and grammar on the tasks is to use Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL) to brush up on grammar. Then, use your word processing program's spell and grammar check. Most systems offer solutions to the errors caught and can help you fix them. Namaste-Anora
• United States
23 Mar 09
Thanks for your response! Right now I'll stick to starting discussions and responses! Maybe I'll try task sometime in the furture!
@subha12 (18453)
• India
23 Mar 09
I have participated in few with the first few days after the introduction of tasks. But for last 3-4 days, I can see none. I do not know whether ever I will get any.
@rsa101 (15540)
• Quezon City, Philippines
23 Mar 09
Yup I cannot complain about it as I was able to make about 90% of my tasks approved and paid. Well I think I am happy but I guess the supply is never enough for everybody to do. What I think Mylot should be doing is that sending the task to everybody via private messaging and its the members choice to do it or not if not it be forefeited so that others may be given the chance to take it.
@anjixx (31)
• China
23 Mar 09
i am not very familiar with mylot,for i am a green hand here. i just want to improve my english firstly and then to earn money.