Thinking of moving to Mexico

United States
March 24, 2009 12:26pm CST
I have been looking up apartments on craig's list on apartments in Mexico city already. I know that I could afford it. I would miss everyone that I left behind, but there I could live off of my disability pay. Up here I still have to work a part time job to make ends meet. There has been a wave of retirees moving down to Mexico for that same reason. Would you leave your home country if it meant living a better life?
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@maximax8 (27045)
24 Mar 09
Mexico City would be a busy place to live. I would prefer to move to one of the countries in Central America. Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Panama might be lovely to live in. I have been to wonderful Belize and it is an English speaking country. Whilst there I met some American ex-pats. If I was to remain in Europe it would be superb to live in Italy or Croatia. I did once consider emigrating to Australia. Then I thought about moving to New Zealand. People that have emigrated in my home country to Australia or New Zealand have a superb quality of life. Good luck with moving to Mexico if that is what you decide to do. I have been to Mexico and really like it there.
• United States
24 Mar 09
I have known a couple of people from Belize. I wanted to visit while I was in Guatemala but I never got the chance.
@maximax8 (27045)
25 Mar 09
I have been to Guatemala and had an excellent time there. I found the prices really cheap. Belize I found was a lovely country to visit with so much to see and do. I hope that if you move to amazing Mexico you will have one vacation in wonderful Belize. I am learning Spanish and think that is really enjoyable.
@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
24 Mar 09
There are quite a few North Americans now living in Mexico. They seem to enjoy it, especially the climate. However I don't know of any who live in Mexico city. Did you know its one of the biggest, dirtiest cities in the world, and has the one of the highest levels of air pollution. Do some research on different areas in Mexico. Guadalajara is a favorite and is home to many Canadians and Americans retiree's.