Anyone experiencing senioritis?

@movicont (495)
United States
March 24, 2009 8:38pm CST
Now that college applications are over and second semester senior year is set into motion, I've been feeling the remnants of senioritis. I can't stand (unfortunately) a lot of my current classes, and can't wait until I actually go to college. I also feel like I ought to rest a bit before college, since this will probably be the last chance I get to really rest. Anyone else?
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@geogirl85 (117)
• United States
8 Jun 09
I actually didn't really have senioritis my last year of high school. I was definitely ready to leave, but my last year was fairly easy, and I only had to take three classes a day instead of the normal four, because I had a job through the school. At the end of college, however, I got a major cases of senioritis. I had decided about two and a half years in that I didn't like my major, but I couldn't find anything to switch to that wouldn't make most of the credits I had already received useless. So, I stuck with the program, but by my final year, I was just so ready to be out of there that I pretty much didn't do most of the work, and I missed more class in my last sememster than I had in the other four years combined. Consequently, I am now taking an independent study to get enough credits so that I can actually get my degree, but since I don't actually have to go to class, this isn't as bad. Good luck to all you grads out there, it was a lot of work, but definitely worth it!
• United States
11 May 09
I juts graduated last year and i had horrible senioritis to the point where i just stopped going! This was terrible. i thought for sure that once i did all ym applications the rest was a ride. that was not the case. i still should have worked hard to the end instead of now regretting that i didnt. Its ok to have fun juts forget about finishing what you've been doing for 10+ years.
• United States
2 Apr 09
Yup. I got it bad. I've been neglecting a lot of my homework and daydreaming straight through all of my classes. It's not really that I can't WAIT to go to college... I've sort of got an indifferent feeling about college, I just can't stand high school anymore and I'm really ready for it to be over and done with. I've only got a couple months left now.