How about your definition of "Success"?

March 25, 2009 9:10pm CST
Everybody wants to be successful, but does everyone know the true meaning of the success? I am afraid not. Some guys thinks that success is equal to the big house, famous brand car, lots of money, and so on. Some guys think that the success is the same with the good reputation although lack of money. Some believe that they coudld do whatever they want to do is successful. It seems that there is no definition of "SUCCESS", how about your definition of SUCCESS, share with us!
3 responses
@ionsquare (534)
• Singapore
26 Mar 09
Hi, In my point of view, every individual has different goals and aspiration. I think everyone's definition of success depends highly on their own goal. If I am able to achieve my own goal within a time frame, I think I am successful. Even though may take a lifetime, it is worth striving and waiting for as that is what life is all about. Being able to come up with new goals and try your best to achieve them will keep you going in life. To your success in your life.
• China
26 Mar 09
Yeah, everyone's success depends on his goal and destination. When the goal is acheived, the one will be proud of it through the lifespan.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
9 Jul 10
Focus, smartwork and perseverance are the keys for success.
@sunita64 (6473)
• India
27 Mar 09
I divide success in two types, one is worldly success where in you achieve all the worldly things like home, vehicle, job etc and another I call is spiritual success by which you have peace of mind and happiness. A truly successful person in my terms is who is happy and has peace of mind, other kind of success follow such a person but he /she does not becomes attached to the worldly success but enjoys that too.