Are you consider yourself a good and loving wife??

March 26, 2009 8:15pm CST
me i consider myself a good and loving wife also a mom. because i know how to take care of my husband and my son.. i know what they want and what they need. i used to prepare for the food of my husband at work, i set his clothes i make sure before he go to work i done and fix all things for him. and when he is arrive at home i'll make sure that the food is ready and i give him a massage for him to relax, because of his hardwork.
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• Japan
6 Apr 09
I would like to think that I am, and I use to but my MIL put an end to all that. She thinks that I am lazy and unable to do anything. Anyway I try to do my best everyday, that is all I can do.
• Philippines
6 Apr 09
just do your best and anything will be fine.. have faith. thanks for responding.
@eagle_f15 (2054)
• Malaysia
28 Mar 09
Yes i sure am one. Just asked my husband who is also myLotting beside me on another pc and he said yes I am. So I am.
• Philippines
6 Apr 09
thank you for responding.. good luck to your family.. have a blessed and happy family.
@youless (93576)
• Guangzhou, China
27 Mar 09
I also think I am a good wife and mom. I am responsible and I try to work hard for my family. I think I am considerate and humorous. I can sacrifice my own hobbies for my family. I love China
• Philippines
6 Apr 09
that's good friend.. as a good wife we have the happy family and happy life.. goodluck to your family. thanks for responding.
• United States
17 Apr 09
I would have to say I am a good and loving wife and mother. I do make sure he has everything they need. I make my husbands lunch every morning at 5 a.m and I make sure his dinner is on the table when he arrives home from work. However I do not wait on him hand and foot and that is because he says no. He does not think a wife should put herself out and coddle her husband. I make sure our home is clean and our children are taken care of and they all have what they need.
@liaamur (420)
• Philippines
6 Apr 09
my life totally changed when i married my husband. i used to be a highly independent girl, so 'woman empowerment' is a strong belief. as a result, i am usually proud to the point of egotistical, and i stand my ground. i have handled different organizations at school and at work, and so i am used to being strong-willed. when i met my husband, i [i]completely[/] fell in love. so even if it was hard, i had to change the way i handle my life. compromise had been a common occurence between the two of us. bowing down had been a challenge, but i had to do it in order to keep him. acknowledgement of the things that i did wrong had been especially hard, but i did it anyway. cheesy, but this is 'all in the name of love'--i never regretted it one bit. i am blessed with a husband that is mature enough to know that everyone does good things and are sometimes wrong as well. i am still in the process of keeping my pride in check, of taming down my ego. but i do stuff for him, as well as ask him to do stuff for me. so, to answer your question: i don't know about good, but i certainly am a loving wife. ^_^V