Burts bees chapstick

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March 26, 2009 10:55pm CST
I like wearing chapstick and/or lipgloss on a daily basis but so many of them seem to wear off very quickly. Lately I've been using Burts bees pomegranate chap stick and then putting a clear lip gloss from Sephora over it. It doesn't feel sticky, it seems to last awhile, and I like the natural color. Does anyone else have any good tips or tricks with different chapsticks or lip glosses?
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• , Louisiana
14 Dec 13
@alyciasecret, I believe you may be thinking of another lip product. Neauties is the ONLY lip gloss I use anymore for that fact exactly. It lasts a very long time, and for the peppermint flavor, the peppermint lasts longer than the gloss stays shiny. IMO, this product is wonderful! It is more moisturizing than anything else I have ever used. I absolutely love this lip gloss and will never, ever go back to anything else. And to sweeten the deal, they now come in colors. They have a new line called Shimmers with very natural looking colors. They also even more recently have come out with a balm line that comes in a tube. I have been using this for years, and I'll never go back. It's absolutely wonderful!
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@cat_373 (11)
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18 Jun 09
Yes... well, you could be paying less!! In my experience, Neauites is waaaaaahaaaaaayhaaaaaaaay better!! And it's less per ounce!! Their lip gloss is way softer and easier to apply. Plus, you don't even have to wear Sephora over it!! Just wear Neauties!! That's it!! I love this stuff so much! It's the only thing I buy any more!! I like the Cherry and the Peppermint the best, but I have them all and it is so hard to pick your favorite, Mine changes every other day!!! NEAUTIES IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT YOU ARE USING!! YOU REALLY NEED TO TRY THIS STUFF!! You will only have to buy one lip gloss AND it's cheaper than Burt's Bees per ounce. I used to have the *pomengranite* flavor and these flavors are so much better! NEAUITES NEAUTIES NEAUTIES NEAUTIES NEAUTIES!!!
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2 Apr 09
I used that before, but the mint isn't very long lasting and my lips feel very waxy after. So now I'm using CO Bigelow Ulta Mentha Lip balm. Very minty and tastes so yummy.
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27 Mar 09
I only wear lip balm that has sunblock in it. This keeps my lips from getting sunburned. They can get sunburned. My favorite is Avon Moisture Therapy. I also like Burts Bees with honey.