Doing some exercises now

March 27, 2009 2:22am CST
Hi all! It has been two weeks now since I gave birth. 15 days to be exact. For about 5 days now, I had been feeling well and can walk some distances already. So I would walk around the garden either in the morning or in the afternoon, just slowly around and then I would lift, shake, or just wave my arms in the air. I am trying to get some exercise and to lose a lot of the fat that I gained during pregnancy. I delivered our daughter, our eldest, via caesarian section, so I really could not do much for now as I need to have my wound completely healed. However, with the little that I can do, I use some extra energy to shed off the pounds that I gained. I actually gained 38 lbs during my pregnancy!!! Last Saturday, when I went to see my doctor for my 10th day check up and for her to remove my opsite plaster, I learned that I lost 17 lbs already. It sounds so nice to say, however, I still have 21 lbs more to go. I am now at 125 lbs, and I started at 104 lbs when I got pregnant. And while at it, I will try to lose 4 more lbs and peg my weight at 100 lbs, which is ideal for me. 95-100 lbs actually is my ideal weight range. I am a small girl you know, at 4’10”, and if I gain so much weight I look like a balloon and it is not very nice. I also fix some of baby’s stuff and wash dishes from time to time. Last night, I cooked our dinner. So for now, these are the minor exercises that I do, which I hope will help me to lose more weight—at least gradually and the healthy way. If you have suggestions, please let me know… Take care all and God bless you! Happy mylotting!
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@zhuhuifen46 (3486)
• China
27 Mar 09
It is nice feeling of accomplishment after giving birth to your baby. Proper exercise is good, but take care not to leave anything you might regret for future. I had neglected what the elders said to me, and my heels are still hurting after about 35 years. Do not wear slippers, do not walk on ground, of floor, with bare foot. A piece of advice you should take.
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@carpenter5 (6786)
• United States
2 Apr 09
You just be careful little mother! This is your American Mommy all the way across the ocean talking. "Don't make me come over there!" My oldest daughter has two little ones who are 4 and 2. They are my only grandchildren. Did you tell us what you had named the little one? I hadn't been able to find it.
• United States
27 Mar 09
i kinda understand because i gave birth to my youngest child 10 months ago i didnt have a c-cection but they told me to take thinks light for 2 weeks so all i ready did was walk and take care of the baby , i think walking is the best right now sence you cant do much but dont over do it, you can also get a lot of info on that on the web.
@ajithlal (14569)
• India
27 Mar 09
I would suggest you to lose weight slowly rather than trying to lose the weight suddenly. I think you are doing a good job in losing weight by small exercise. It is nice to know that you are walking to lose weight. I think walking is one of the best way to lose weight. Eat lots of fruits. Keep the good job you are doing right now.