Best mothers Day present ever!

@jazzsue58 (2668)
March 27, 2009 7:59am CST
Was the Necronomicon, a collection of H.P Lovecraft's finest works. My eldest daughter hunted it down for me as it's currently out of print, and I've just finished 'Mountains of Madness' which, like a lot of Lovecraft stuff, is full of tentacles and slimy alien horrors. Cool! Actually, all my favourite books seem to be American classics, apart from Terry Pratchett and Jasper Fforde. I've just finished Peter S.Beagle's 'The Last Unicorn' and the only fault I can find is - he never wrote a follow-up! Poe I find a bit too wordy, but as I say I love Lovecraft. If you want a giggle, try a search for "Shoggoth on the roof" on Youtube. It's a spoof of Fiddler on the roof, and the script is available for download to am dram groups, from the H P Lovecraft historical society, who have a website. The backing music is the same as for Fiddler, and as I'm in the process of forming a local am dram group with my kids and their friends (mainly as we're all Pratchett fans) I think this could become one of our early performances. Up till I discovered this, I thought Lovecraft spoofing was restricted to Terry Pratchett's Things from the Dungeon Dimensions and the associated Yob-Soddoth cult. All of the above being a very long way of saying: Are there any other Lovecraft fans out there? He inspired Stephen King, John Carpenter and the new Dr Who writers, among many others. America, I salute you! All together now: "If I were a Deep One, blubblubblubblub blub-blub blubblubblubblubblub ..."
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@Darkwing (21588)
27 Mar 09
No sorry... never actually read any Lovecraft works. I do like Terry Pratchett though and my favourite author is Bernard Cornwell. He is closely followed by Marion Zimmer Bradly who wrote The Mists of Avalon and other very readable books. I love the Arthurian history and legend... Dark Ages, and I'm way into Merlin and his antics! lol. Brightest Blessings, my friend.