Keeping the magpies away

Spud - My cat spud sitting in the food container that was suppsoed to be a litter box
@saundyl (9690)
March 28, 2009 4:27pm CST
Last spring i was going through a bag and a half of food a week for my Cockerspaniel and two cats. This much much more than normal because the magpies were stealing the food when they could get close. i solved this issue by purchasing a cat litter container with a lid and flap so that the magpies couldnt get to the food. Now even with an second dog I go through a bag every week and a half. I looked at the fancy dog food containers with the flap but at the time the local store that sold them wanted $150 for them and the cat litter box was $17 and holds more food. Do you have trouble with birds stealing your animals food? How do you keep them away or keep them from stealing it?
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