Has Anyone Just Recently Moved To East Tennessee From Another State

@frtwome (239)
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March 29, 2009 11:04am CST
I have just recently moved to Tennessee fro Florida. We lived in Florida for over 40 years. It was quite a move for us. We have always visited Tennessee for our vacations, going mostly to Gatlinburg. We really love the Gatlinburg area, it is just beautiful, and so much to do. And it's really great no matter what season you go there. And my husband had always wanted to sale everything that we had in Florida and make the move to Tennessee. But, I was always to scared to make such a big move, our family and friends were all with us in Florida, I didn't want to leave all that behind. But, my husband kept saying to me, it's only a 11 hour drive from Tennessee back home to Florida, we can come back home anytime we want, and visit friends & relatives. But, from the times that we discussed this move, many years went by, my parents and my husbands parents passed away, friends thinned out. So, we finally made the move. And it is great here. Incrediby beautiful. Spring is just beginning here, the dogwoods are in full bloom. Can't wait to see the changes that come with the seasons. I do have to get use to the curvy mountain roads. Driving here is a lot different than what I have been use to all these years, Florida has straight roads. But, so far, so good. Let me know if you have ever made a big move, were you scared of the change? Did it work out for you? Did you have to leave your families behind?
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@palonghorn (5485)
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12 Feb 12
I just found your discussion, as I was searching for discussions on Tennessee. I realize it's an older discussion, but it interested me. I did make one such move in 2005, from Texas to Pennsylvania, a bit more than 11 hour drive. ha ha In the end, 2009, I ended up moving back to Texas. However, I don't regret it, it was beautiful up there. And while I was there I got to see things I wouldn't have otherwise, I also got my dream job, working as a wildland firefighter for the forest service. And yes, all of my family was in Texas at the time, 6 months after I moved there my oldest daughter move to Virginia. I too love Eastern Tennessee. It is a beautiful area. So, since this discussion is several years old, how has the move worked out?