Is there really an energy crisis?

United States
March 29, 2009 7:42pm CST
Yesterday, March 28, 2009 there was a thing called "Earth Energy Day" where people turn off their lights for an hour to help the environment. My reaction: "You've got to be kidding me." We already have wind, solar, hydroelectric, and diesel generators for energy. And, there's the new wave energy. They now have green waste which is produced from cutting grass, trimming trees and branches, raking up leaves, etc. And,I know a lot of cities have to be generating a lot of power from that. Also, these landfills aren't useless at all. I know the waste humans have been creating since the late 1800s has to have come to use. I know people who are harnessing methane gas from landfills and waste. They are living energy sources. So, is there really an energy crisis? In addition, there's nuclear (dangerous and underdeveloped), but still effective. And, if energy gets that bad, we can produce energy like solar does. It's simple, petal on a bike until your battery is charged, your solar battery. Yeah, definitely good exercise. I know people who power their gyms from all the exercise. So, really...tell me your thoughts on the energy crisis.
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• Australia
30 Mar 09
The point of Earth Energy Day is simplt that the number of people who are aware of all those things you mention, and even more so, the number who are even truly aware that we face an energy crisis, is so few that all those things you mention are a drop in the bucket. True, if the majority of people and their governments followed all the possibilities, there is the potential to defuse the energy crisis, but people have to made aware first. The energy saving from that hour is negligible: the symbolic power of the exercise is, however, considerably less negligible. Lash