do you believe in fortune-telling?

@aileen18 (170)
March 31, 2009 10:29am CST
i absolutely don't believe in this kind of stuffs and besides it will only confuse my mind. what about you?
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@rashmie (948)
• United Arab Emirates
31 Mar 09
I don't believe in fortune telling. I think it is just a form of mass cheating. It has no scientific base and if any then highly controversial. Reading these stuffs in the newspaper is all about making mockery of the gifted mind that we have....
31 Mar 09
I am not sure really if I do or not as like sometimes it seems real as it does happen to people and then sometimes, it just never happens. I think I do believe in it because most of the time it is real and believe it or not I do believe in magic and well fortune telling is magic and also a gift so yes I do believe in it but I have never done it before so I can not really judge on it either!
@sunita64 (6474)
• India
31 Mar 09
I am very curious but do not believe it, however when I tell something to any person convincingly then usually that happens. My fortune telling is right for others but not for me.