Intimacy of the couple

March 31, 2009 12:21pm CST
Do husbands and wives find time for each other to talk and relax in the present world of tight schedule where both are employed or only the men are busy with their office work?
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@bren_yrra (354)
• Philippines
31 Mar 09
Couple relationships nowadays is very challenging especially when they both of them work and busy with many things.There are couples who find time for each other despite much work and tasks but there are also some who don't have so much time to their partners because they spend most of their time to their work.If relationship well-cared of then it will result to an unhappy relationship.In order that the intimacy is maintained, husband and wife should find time to share some moments before they go to sleep.This moments could be sharing activities for the day, bringing out ideas, telling what he/she has learned and developed in that day, etc.In other words, communication coupled with understanding,trust,and compromise should be applied.If there's no time allotted for each other anymore then there's a tendency that intimacy will lessen little by little.It's difficult even that your partner has no time to listen to what's inside you.It's a matter of priority though....and the partner should be a priority. I hope you got my idea.happy mylotting!
• Philippines
31 Mar 09
there's a mistake, it should be," if the relationship will not be well-cared of, then it will result to unhappy relationship or sad ending. so find time to share intimate moments.thanks
• India
1 Apr 09
Yes, you are right. Communication is a problem nowadays. Your idea goes with mine. The ideas of yours might be of a great help to many couples.
• Philippines
2 Apr 09
thanks.I hope it helps!
@LifeGuru (923)
• Canada
31 Mar 09
It all depends sometimes. Cause I'm not married to my boyfriend but he's usually out and about with his job fixing computers and I got my own job so barely enough time there. When we try to make some time for each other, it's one or the other with things that come up. 'Couples' gotta make some vacation time on their schedules so they can spend a little more time with each other to relax, unwind, talk, and whatever. Live life to the fullest, dont let obstacles get in the way of things. Sometimes workoholics need to drop everything and hit the spa or just free their mind.
31 Mar 09
I'd really like to think so. I think it's hard sometimes especially if you have young children but i think its really important to try and have some quality time even if it's just 15 minutes pillow talk.