School themed or Oriental? --- For MUSIC, please help me decide.

@LifeGuru (923)
March 31, 2009 1:46pm CST
Hi hi hi! Ummm I need help with an idea. Should I start with school theme or oriental for my CD? If I pick school, I'd have to pick random places in my school to make things look like I'm running the place and stuff, just teenage clowning urban style stuff. It would mainly talk about dramas, hardships and issues in the world, and stuff with da homies, etc. If I decide to go all out oriental, it would have to revolve around the who's da boss, who's incharged, stuff about boys, money, kick butt kind of thing. But since I'm still young I'm thinking to lean towards the school concept. What do you think? Genre: Hiphop Reason: Experimental and I need to get down to thaangz before June for my myspace and FB page. THANKS.
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