what do you consider in naming your baby? we considered meaning...

April 1, 2009 11:06pm CST
Hi all! Now that we have a baby and we chose a name for her, I wonder, how do you choose your baby’s name? What are the factors you considered? For us, we first considered the meanings of the names that we gave our baby. First we wanted a name that carries the meaning “Grace of God” or the “Lord is Gracious”, something in the likes of John. But since our baby is a girl, we looked for a variant of John and we found Shawna. And since my name also starts with the letter “S”, we deemed this an appropriate name. And in order that our baby will have a unique combination so that she will not have legal problems when she applies for government clearances, we chose a second name that sounds like her father’s Chinese name. So basically, our baby’s two names carry the initials of our names. Then we pronounced her names with and without the middle name, with the surname, and with the surname first. We also wrote down her initials just so to make sure that it sounds good and when the initials are written down, they would not form a funny word. We also considered giving the baby short names, even if there are two, because we don’t want her to have a hard time writing down her name when she gets to school. And we are happy with the combination that we had come up with. It speaks about God and is very convenient. We also like the fact that our last name only contains 2 letters because my husband is Chinese. So that is it. That is how we named our baby. How about you? What are the things you consider before naming your baby? Take care all and God bless you! Happy mylotting!
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@France7 (385)
• Philippines
6 Apr 09
In my case, I got the names of my princes from the Bible. I named my first son as Eleazar, one of the famous soldiers of David. My second is Jethro, the father-in-law of moses, and my third, Gideon, the warrior. I believe that the meaning of names has an effect to the character of a child....blessings!:)
@Trensue (5254)
• United States
3 Apr 09
May I offer some advice to anyone who is naming a child? It comes from an old woman who lets the grand kids play out in the yard. Stand on the back porch and yell the name out loud! If it is hard to give a holler - try another choice. Random thoughts from the old lady.
• India
2 Apr 09
I am from India and we consider the meaning of names,while naming babies.We select Sanskrit name with proper meaning.Before naming we consult with a good astrologer or numerologist.
@Chay428 (65)
• United States
2 Apr 09
That'sounds great! Congratulation with your new baby! It's a very good idea naming our child that carries a meaning about our God. When I name my child, I was really looking for a great name with great meaning. Then one day when I was watching Pirates of the Carrieban in HBO and I saw Elizabeth Swann, the leading lady in the movie portrayed by Keira Knightly. She was so beautiful and glamorous in her own ways. So, I named my daughter Keira and added Belle. When I look at it in the dictionary of names, I was so surprised with meaning of it. Keira read as "kee-ra" means glittering, shining and Belle as we all know means "beautiful". God bless! ***wink**
@jammyt (2824)
• Philippines
2 Apr 09
The name I gave my daughter is a name I've wanted since HS. Don't know why but I just did. We found out later on that her name was best suited for her too. The only thing required in our family is to have the name "MARIA" before every other name. And for the girls, there should be 2 more name. The boys should have at least 2 names. Tradition, I think.