Can anyone tell me about paypal charges

April 2, 2009 2:33am CST
Hello friends, Yesterday i received my first payment on paypal. even that was quite small but i was happy. Now when i check my paypal account details i saw a tax they levied. I received 0.75$ and they took 0.33$ as their charges. then again i got 0.09$ and they took all of it as their charges. is it a normal charge or they are taking more charges from me only. guys please help me out. thanks
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2 Apr 09
Hello, Receiveing payments is about 2-3% + 0.30USD... Why would they charge you more?:)
2 Apr 09
Oh, and what type of account do you have?
• India
2 Apr 09
Hello paul i do have a personal account. i understand why its looking quite heavy charge to me. actually as you said they take .30$ per transaction so if i receive my payments in small small packets, i will have to pay that charge every time. thanks for your response.
2 Apr 09
If you have a personal account, the transactions should be free. Maybe it was funded by credit or debit card...
@paoxav (1382)
• Philippines
2 Apr 09
I'm not sure about that. But if you want to have no charges, create a personal and not a business account at paypal..
• China
2 Apr 09
my is the personal account. I haven't receive any payment yet, as i am a new user here.