Is Africa under a curse?Yes and No

@chifeo4y (271)
November 10, 2006 10:58pm CST
i think Africa is under a curse because of the effects of slave trade when they sold their brothers and sisters to European slave merchants` who came to Africa to look for slaves that will work in their plantations.The curse of those brethren of theirs then, is affecting Africa today.With all our resources,we cannot still provide enough for our teeming population,it is very bad that African so-called leaders`are busy junketing and gallivanting the whole Europe seeking for financial aid,it is appalling.What a shame to the continent of Africa.On the other hand, i don`t think we are cursed because European Firms come to Africa to do business and succeed.Their companies in AFRICA pay more remuneration compared to our indigenous firms that hardly pay workers`salaries.Our leaders`hardly think on how to develop their economies.They send their children overseas` for further studies.Africans all over the world should arise and free Africa from this malaise.
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@the_vicar (1478)
• United States
22 Nov 06
When I think of Africa I think of it as a very intriguing and beautifully mysterious place. I don't think it is cursed. The problem is in the leadership of very selfish,greedy people. If ever there is a great leader, it will be someone who teaches giving and helping others.
@vincent72 (1634)
• Australia
21 Nov 06
no i wouldnt say africa is under a curse.
@jota176 (697)
• United States
21 Nov 06
I am praying for you brother. I am praying for Africa too.