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@Dorrdavy (277)
April 2, 2009 3:25pm CST
i heard of a site where you can actually sell pictures, does any body know of that site?
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@trickiwoo (2702)
• United States
2 Apr 09
I make most of my income from selling photos! There are quite a few ways you can sell your photos online. The most common way is by selling microstock. If you're interested in learning more about microstock websites, I have information listed in my blog You can also sell prints of your photos online on websites such as,,, and On those sites you just upload your photo, add it to the products you'd like to sell (products vary from site to site but often include things like framed prints, posters, greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, coasters, jigsaw puzzles, etc.), then add the markup price (although some sites have a set markup price and don't allow you to change it). Then when someone buys one of your photos, the website manufactures the product, ships it to the customer and charges the customer. Then you get the markup value of your product. For example, the base price of a poster might be $15. If you set the markup value to 10%, then the customer can buy that poster for $16.50. The website gets the $15 base price, and you get the $1.50 that is the 15% mark up value!
@Dorrdavy (277)
• Jamaica
6 Apr 09
hi there trickiwoo, thanks so much for responding, i'll definately check out those sites you sent me. have a beautiful day ok.
• Philippines
16 Apr 09
My husband and I was just discussing about how to earn from his hobby of taking pictures and making designs. Thank you very much for sharing this opportunity with us.
@Dorrdavy (277)
• Jamaica
5 Jun 09
my pleasure!