Cowboy bebop is planed as a live action movie

United States
April 2, 2009 6:43pm CST
Hi myloters. I have recently heard that a live action verson of Cowboy Bebop is being planed. I heard that anouwnced on the net a few weeks ago. as far as I know it is still being planed. Kenu Reves is sopose to be in the lead role as Spike Sigel. the other cast memebers have not been decied yet. the movie is sposed to be shot in the us but it will include Japaness film makers. There was some spulation on who would play Fay Valitine, a western actress or a japeness on. who will play jed and edward? will the dog ine be real or CGI? what do you guys think? I will look for more info on the web and try to keep things updated here.
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• Canada
8 Jun 10
I don't know much about the movie aside from what you covered here. I am a tad concerned solely because Spike's voice will not be the voice of Steven Blum the voice we have all come to love as Spike Spiegal. However what gave me a bit of hope was when I heard that the makers of the original Cowboy Bebop will be on set helping with the production of the movie. The makers of Cowboy Bebop are very passionate about the series which the series itself shows in it's flawless presentation the whole way through. So I have hopes they will ensure the live action movie will be as good as it can be. How good that is will be seen.
• United States
2 Jul 10
it has been over a year snice I have posted this disscussion on this post. to date I have not heard anymore about the movie. it is possiible that it got scraped or it could be in producton. I suppose I could do a search for it and see what comes up. I defferly would like to see it made into a live movie.