Younger generations versus older generations - discipline

United States
April 2, 2009 8:46pm CST
As I think back to my childhood, I can remember getting my butt busted with a big belt (or what seemed like one), a fly swatter, or anything that could be picked up quickly to make me learn my lesson. As I got a little older, I might get a slap across the face while sitting in the back seat of the car if I was acting up. In today's ever changing world, if we even lay a hand on our children and someone sees it we can go to jail or have our children taken into state custody and placed in a temporary home until an investigation has been completed. To me this is simply amazing. Do they not think there is more harm done to the child when removing them from the home they know and placing them with complete strangers in an unfamiliar place? Come on people!! Some children may not respond to time out or verbal reprimanding, so what are supposed to do? It certainly worked on us as children and our parents, grandparents, and many more before that. While it is not good to teach hitting, giving a good swat on the bottom never hurt anyone and I guarantee if it was hard enough you wouldn't want to do that again. I personally see that today's children are becoming more and more undisciplined. In restaurants, there are children screaming, throwing fits, talking back to their parents. Without proper discipline there is a certain lack of respect. Children need discipline in order to thrive and learn what is right and what is wrong. As parents, it is our jobs to teach them these skills and if we let them get away with everything without proper discipline then the outcome is not very good. I am curious to see what the next generation is like when they become adults and go out into the real world. What are some other opinions on this subject?
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@elmiko (6640)
• United States
3 Apr 09
oh i'm sure your generation had some bad bad kids. your sounding like an old timer.
@mammamuh (582)
• Sweden
3 Apr 09
My parents never laid hand on me. Here in Sweden it has been against the law to spank or physicaly disipline children for more than 30 years. I wouldn't say that children misbehave more now - or some do, but I don't belive that it's since they don't get spanked. If I act well my children probably will, and no I don't let them throw food on the floor when they are 5, they never have... A 1 year old is another story. I would say that 99,9% of the children would behave okay even with out getting spanked. I don't use timeouts either. I belive that good communication is the key, but it has to be done from start. Many parents don't take the time to communicate with theirchildren, stress and depressions will affect the child in a bad way. Whenthe parents doesn't feel good - the children doesn't either. For many children acting bad is the only way to get a reaction from the parents and bad time with the parents is better than no time.