Difference between Chinese and American in learning languanges

April 2, 2009 10:25pm CST
Many Chinese learning English for a period of time are still afraid of oral English.In fact,they don't want to make mistakes so that their desire to practicing oral English becomes little and little.I used to be like them.More and more embarrassed I felt, easier and easier mistakes I made. So I have decided to change myself.And now,If I make a grammar or vocabulary mistake,I will correct and say it in the right way quickly instead of feeling embarrassed. However,American shows different attitudes towards it.They will say yes with confidence even they just know a little words,when people ask them,' Can you speak Chinese?',and they may say the words loudly. I think,it is a big difference between Chinese and American.As for American,Chinese is just a language.Everyone will make mistakes in speaking even natives.So,there is no need to be afraid to speak after making a mistake.
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• China
7 Apr 09
are you a chinese girl?
8 Apr 09
yes,why did u ask it?
@kedves (728)
8 Apr 09
Learning another language is hard for most people not only grammar but the way words are formed vocally, rolling R's etc. So I admire anyone who can speak more than one language. I find it very difficult to learn even though I did learn French at school it was so long ago I would not have confidence any more.