I really did not see!

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April 3, 2009 1:13am CST
I really did not see until today, I asked my daughter why do teens do the things they do? I mean she is 16 yrs, old and I could not understand why some of the teens do the things they do! So, I did something different to find out! I went to the school to ask if I could follow my daughter to all her classes to see what her day was like and that I would not interrupt the classes, just view. The principle said, "Fine!" The next day I dressed like my daughter told me too! Yes, I needed to buy some new clothes (I am out dated)so, here went my day. I got to school and went to her classes the teacher taught things I could not even understand half of or have forgotten over the years. A lot of the kids dressed weird or had weird hair or piercings. A metal detector would have gone off like crazy! they talked in class was rude and did not even listen to the teacher. The teacher would try to correct them and they would laugh it off! The kids talk about adult context in notes that they passed. One boy even told the teacher, "You can't do nothing to me I am a lawyers son." I guess the teacher already went this route with this kids because she just acted like he was not listening and went on, the boy just laughed! The girls wore clothes that was made for half naked fashion models and the boys went to the wrong store I think the Big and Tall because none of their stuff fit them right! But, the thing was that I noticed was most of the kids acted like 35 yr. old divorced adults. With cell phones and a lot of money and no care worries about responsibility for anything. Like the world owed them and they could do what they wanted and if you tried to stop them you would be sued!!! Boy, I hated it and I only liked a few of the kids. Some I would not want to meet as adults! I thought some of the girls acted like, "Desperate Housewives". It was an eye opener! Would you ever take one day out of your life to go to your kids school dressed like your kid to see how it really is and you can't interfere. Just blend in as best as you can? **Peace and Love get's you through everything in Life** p.s. boy, am I old and out of touch with teen life!
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@twoey68 (13651)
• United States
13 Jun 09
I'm sure that if your daughter stepped back into the days of our high school years she'd be just as stunned...don't you remember the 80's??? Big Hair, lots of makeup and jungle music LOL I'm also sure that we were rude little pain in the butts too but we straightened out. Parents need to raise their kids right and instill good values and things will be allright. [b]~~AT PEACE WITHIN~~ **STAND STRONG IN YOUR BELIEFS**[/b]
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3 Apr 09
u are a very good & caring mother to do that. hope your daughter appreciates you. as i said earlier in another one of your discussions it all begings at home. if they aren't taught to respect their parents they will not respect anybody else. i wouldn't last as a teacher one day. my own sond didn't disrespect me & i would not have the tolerance for somebody's elses to.
@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
3 Apr 09
Hi Carpathian, Things are changing very fast today and I'm not sure how teachers manage at all. I'm not saying this to be critical of the young people themselves, but how did we as a society let things go so far? I don't know what will happen to change all of this but we can all be certain that it will change. Blessings.