Guess people feelings ?

Kuta, Indonesia
April 3, 2009 4:58pm CST
Many people say , we can guess how somebody feels by the look on his or her face. If you see someone grinning at you, you can be sure that the person must be in a Happy and Frienly mood Now, can you guessing people's feelings through their facial expressions ? Do you often notice the facial expressions when talk with your friend ?
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@thinkbest (210)
• Indonesia
24 May 09
Hi... I guess so. Even though guessing others' feeling is not always true. Yet, through the face expression it is almost always that the feeling someone's we are guessing feeling reflects what he/she feels.
@justmeh (189)
• Philippines
24 May 09
Yes,maybe we can. You can guess just by looking at his/her face and actions especially their eyes. You can tell if he/she is telling the truth when she looks directly to your eye but there are just times that people tend to hid what's inside them by being busybody or their actions does not really fit to what they really want to say or to express.
@sinokirin (902)
• China
16 Apr 09
Yeah, i care about the facial expressions when talking with others,and believe that we can know what the guy think about through the facial expressions. I take the lessons of the psychology and learn more knowledge about the figures of the bodies,including the facial expressions. Sometimes i can guess people's feeling according to the facial expressions exactly, of course, sometimes i
• India
16 Apr 09
It is possible to judge a person's feelings by their face reactions. If the person you are talking with feels bored , he/she will suddenly start thinking some other thing. The expression that he is not interested can be seen by his facial expression. Also , you can also tell that a person is having crush on you by their looks. They will see you whenever you don't see them.
@iskayz (5422)
• Philippines
5 Apr 09
Hi there! I think seeing and interpreting facial expressions is the easiest way to tell what a person feels. Just by seeing them smile you can tell that person if he/she is happy. Whenever I talk to someone I always look at their faces. I am more connected to the person I'm talking to if we look at each other and surely I can tell what the person feels at that moment we were talking with each other. I can tell they are serious, angry or happy. I am expressive too and I often use facial expressions especially when I'm being funny so it's not hard for me to interpret ones' facial expression Ciao!
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
5 Apr 09
Yeah, we can guess how a person is feeling just by looking at their facial expressions.. bUt however, not all facial expressions we see, really reflect on how they are feeling.. Just the same like ple putting on a false front, pretending to be happy when they are actually not.. The only way to judge if a person is happy or sad, is thru their eyes.. Eyes is something whereby we cant hide and yet it's always the easiest to spot, but we always tend to miss it..
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
4 Apr 09
Most of the time I can guess fairly accurate on how somebody feels. It is true that facial expressions can convey various unspoken messages to anyone who cares to give more attention to them. I do not depend solely on facial expressions because there are people who are good at hiding their true emotions. To a certain extent I trust my gut feeling or intuition. Several individuals have become spooked with the accuracy presented to them. all the best, rosdimy