i will not kill over a parking space

April 6, 2009 1:05am CST
hi all! as some of you have read my previous entry about a rude guy in the parking lot, i just thought of letting it pass. yeah, i will not kill over a parking space. i say this because there had been several instances in our country about people fighting about parking spaces or fighting over traffic encounters. there was also one celebrated case that was continually covered on national tv about a guy who shot another guy dead over an altercation on traffic. the criminal was convicted, he was an older guy, like about 50s then, while the guy he shot was only more than 20 years old with a promising career ahead of him. sometimes, we know we are right and we want justice and fair treatment. but sometimes, life is not always about fair treatment. if we really insist on things to favor us, there will be times that we end up losing far more than we were fighting for. so i suggest, we let it go. we let it pass. we let those who overtake us in the highway go ahead. we give way during parking. we avoid shouting at a driver's crazy move. these things go a long way. if we get angry, our mood is ruined and we will not really add another day in our lives. if we let it pass, we will soon forget about it. so let god and let God. take care all and God bless you! happy mylotting! :D
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@caver1 (1765)
• United States
25 Apr 09
I must agree with you. I wouldn't even argue over a parking space. It is much better to let the crazy driver go ahead then they are not near you where they can cause an accident that might involve you. As far as fairness is concerned I tell my kids life is not fair and no one ever promised it would be.